Orders can be placed by email sales@bandtoday.com or phone, 800-636-3502. Flags and accessories can also be purchased online through our company store using PayPal or credit cards.

We accept Official School Purchase Orders, Credit Cards and Checks.

We understand the quick turnaround needed for marching bands and are quoting two to three week shipment of all products.

Band Today, LLC and Fieldprops.com will correct, replace, or issue credit for defective products subject to the following Limitations and Conditions:

The thermoformed TPO “Bass Section” and ½” preformed framing sections with black PVC side bars have a six month warranty covering defects in construction or material.  Wheels, PVC parts, and other accessories have a 30 day warranty covering defects in construction or material.  Digitally printed vinyl and polyester props have a 30 day warranty covering defects in printing and materials.

Items should not be returned for credit, correction, or replacement unless first authorized in writing by Band Today, LLC.
Contact customerservice@bandtoday.com regarding any warranty issues.

Band Today, LLC and Fieldprops.com have provided general guidelines on how to use our products.  The Bass Section is designed to support light weight PVC frames. We do not accept any responsibility for possible injuries to people who attempt to build weight bearing props using the Bass Section as a foundation.

Art File Submission Terms and Conditions

The preferred method of submitting art files is to visit www.shutterstock.com and select your image(s). Type in a specific category and select from thousands of image options. Images can be layered on top of each other, faded and manipulated for your needs. Notify us of the image number associated with the image(s) of your choice and we will download them on your behalf to be used in your design(s). Using this option allows for 1 year of Copyright permission per image. Note: We cannot use Shutterstock images that state “Editorial Use Only”. Using the Shutterstock “Edit” tool will result in lower resolution images and is not recommended.

Images which have been downloaded from the internet are not of a sufficient resolution for print and it could be illegal for Band Today to use them without the proper permissions. Copyright of all images, that are sent to Band Today, fall upon the purchaser and Band Today is not responsible for copyright research. Clients assume all Copyright responsibility when supplying their own art files for printing.

All images submitted for print must be created using CMYK color space. All RGB files will be converted to CMYK. Non-professional design files are not supported (Word, Excel, PowerPoint). Vector files are best and we support all Adobe Creative Cloud applications. When preparing your design, the scale we use is 1 inch = 1 foot @ 300 dpi. Raster images can be used as long as they are a high resolution. 

Band Today will not be held responsible for color matching if a sample proof is not ordered before final approval. Colors may vary from computer monitor to mobile device. Therefore, the best way to insure a color match is through the approval of a sample proof. 

What is CMYK color mode? CMYK is the color mode used by Band Today to reproduce your design. The color calibration of Cyan (C), Magenta (M), Yellow (Y), and Black (K) determines the final color in your artwork. As a result, your submitted files must be in CMYK color mode to maximize color quality.

If your files are submitted using any other color standard, such as RGB or Pantone, they will be converted to CMYK. Conversion from one color standard to another may cause colors to shift. If you are not familiar with printing in CMYK color mode, we highly recommend that you order a sample proof, which can be selected when you place your order. Please note that we can not guarantee that the color of your artwork printed will match that seen on your monitor or printed via any other method.

When color fidelity is critical, Band Today recommends that you order a proof before final approval of your artwork.