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Images which have been downloaded from the internet are generally not of a sufficient resolution for print and it could be illegal for Band Today to use them without the proper permissions. Copyright of all images, that are sent to Band Today, fall upon the purchaser and Band Today is not responsible for copyright research. Clients assume all Copyright responsibility when supplying their own art files for printing.

Band Today has a corporate account with Dreamstime. We can use stock photos from Dreamtime at no additional charge to you. If you prefer a stock photo from a different source, we may recommend that you purchase and license them.

All images submitted for print will be converted to CMYK color mode. Your final proofs will be in CMYK, please note royal blue and neon colors are the most difficult to duplicate in CMYK. When color fidelity is critical, Band Today recommends that you order a sample material printed proof before final approval of your artwork. Band Today will not be held responsible for color matching if a sample proof is not ordered before final approval. Colors may vary from computer monitor to print. Therefore, the best way to insure a color match is through the approval of a sample.

There is an additional $30 minimum fee for our graphic artists who work with you throughout the entire process to ensure the quality of the art. Custom designs will be more. You can expect to receive an estimate including art fees once you send us your ideas..

Photos submitted to us through our contest can be used in our advertising. If a student is featured prominently we will reach out for specific permission as a courtesy.

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