REAL Poly China Silk 

Dye Sublimated, NOT Digitally Printed
Sublimated on BOTH sides
More VIVID and VIBRANT colors
You will SEE & FEEL the difference!

We know our flags are better, and want to convince you. We will provide a sample flag of your design at NO CHARGE in less than two weeks for an “Apples vs. Apples” comparison against any other company’s silk. Will our competitors do the same?

Frequently Asked Questions

What flag types and sizes do you offer?


What is Dye Sublimation Printing?

Dye-sublimation is a special printing process capable of creating amazingly vivid and sharp full color fabric prints. Specially formulated inks are first printed, in reverse, on to sublimation transfer paper. The paper prints are then pressed together with the target fabric using high heat (around 400°F) and pressure in a specially designed sublimation heat press. During this pressing process, the inks 'sublimate' from the paper directly into the fibers of the fabric. As soon as the transfer is complete, the image is completely impregnated into the fabric and can be washed, dried, and ironed without losing quality.

Art Submission Terms and Conditions

Images which have been downloaded from the internet are not of a sufficient resolution for print and it could be illegal for Band Today to use them without the proper permissions. Copyright of all images, that are sent to Band Today, fall upon the purchaser and Band Today is not responsible for copyright research. Clients assume all Copyright responsibility when supplying their own art files for printing.
All images submitted for print will be converted to CMYK color mode. Your final proofs will be in CMYK, please note royal and neon colors are difficult to duplicate in CMYK.
You Design artwork is not considered Print Ready and art fees may apply and typically range from $35 – $75
Band Today will not be held responsible for color matching if a sample proof is not ordered before final approval. Colors may vary from computer monitor to print. Therefore, the best way to insure a color match is through the approval of a sample proof.
What is CMYK color mode? CMYK is the color mode used by Band Today to reproduce your design. The color calibration of Cyan (C), Magenta (M), Yellow (Y), and Black (K) determines the final color in your artwork. When color fidelity is critical, Band Today recommends that you order a proof before final approval of your artwork.
We can provide pricing quotes the below fee schedule is a good indicator of your expected art costs, prices will vary.

$75 per Flag Design or $50 per flag for four or more designs
1-4 Front Walls- $50.00
5-8 Front Walls- $75.00
9+ Front Walls – $100.00
Field Flags 1,000 + sq. ft. – $75.00
1-4 Movable Props – $50.00
5-8 Movable Props – $75.00
9+ Movable Props – $150.00
Tarps & Floors under 1000 sq. ft. – $50.00
Tarps & Floors 1100-2000 sq. ft. – $75.00
Tarps & Floors under 2000+ sq. ft. – $100.00

There are discounts for flag/prop combination design orders.

How to Order

Click on the ordering option of your choice. Either YOU Design, Custom Design or shop from our In Stock designs.


We understand the need for quick turnaround needed and are quoting two to three week shipment of all products.

Payment Methods

Orders can be placed by email or phone, 800-636-3502. Flags and accessories can also be purchased online through our company store using PayPal or credit cards.

We accept Official School Purchase Orders, Credit Cards and Checks.